About the Artist

Michel Doucet, the artist and the scientist all in one

Michel John Doucet was born in Montreal on February 28th, 1960, the eldest son of a Canadian couple. He graduated from the Electrical Engineering program from Ecole Polytechnique and completed a Master degree in Sciences. He found during his engineering studies that arts and sciences must be close in terms of thinking processes.

Now, Michel and his partner Alice paint wonderful artworks.

"I've always had imagination and creative ideas, but I had never thought of transferring those skills from professional technology to leisurely artistic pursuits."

Michel Doucet had always wanted to try oil painting too. One day, he decided to take the brush and start putting his creations on canvas. Soon, he realized that like the Great Masters, you need a mentor. He found one in his neibourghood, Georgina Wrobel, a great aquarellist and oil painter. After almost a year, Michel needed a more academic, Fine Arts, classical realism teaching approach. Michel went to Mission Renaissance to study with the renowned artists; Helene_Beland and Daniel_Brient. His drawing skills went to practically zero to master pieces. Tones have no more secrets for him. He is convinced that drawing is like writing, it comes naturally once the techniques are acquired. Practice makes perfect, just like golf.

A self-proclaimed "museum freak", Michel Doucet visits museums and galleries all over the world. As an artist of both worldly and familiar subjects, Michel Doucet has experimented with a wide range of subjects, has studied the intricacies of various styles, and has learned from the great masters. His body of work reflects an awareness of the history of art and the artist's continuing passion for enjoying and creating that which is universally recognized as beautiful. Common to all his work, be it the oils or sketches, is his desire to communicate.

Michel Doucet is continuously researching subjects and knowledge of painting with a wide collection of books from masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Monet, Manet, Renoir, and Sargent. Studying their techniques, discovering hidden details in these chef d'oeuvres, and of course experimenting for himself, has helped him find great fun when he is painting.

His determination and pure talent brought him to move up the ranks of knowledge rapidly and he wishes to share with the world the joy that painting brings to him on a daily basis. Michel Doucet offers to the recipient of his artistry, a bridge to his personal values and views of the world. He puts his emotions into his work and with that creates a strong connection that is the necessary result of any successful artistic endeavor.

The works displayed on this website represent his most recent works. Michel Doucet enjoys sharing with his audience how the objects surrounding us are beautiful through his eyes and mind.

He DOES take on commissions, so if you have subjects, be it portraits, still life or landscapes that would lighten your world, do not hesitate to approach him and you are sure to be pleased with his interpretation on the subject.

Each painting and drawing has its story. A summary of the story of each painting has been added (or will be) to some of Michel's work on the website. As this site is new, the stories will continue to be added on when time permits.

When you purchase a painting or a drawing, it is always accompanied by the full story behind the work of art as a means to share with you the thought process and make you appreciate the artist's point of view.

Michel is currently the president of the Beaconsfield Artists` Association, BAA.

He is currently working on nice figurative paintings. You should be able to see them soon.

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